Buying a Home in New Jersey for the 1st time is overwhelming. You need a Team to educate your and support you. Anne Shearman has the Team to service you Inventory is high and interest rates are at historical lows. Mortgages for 1st time Buyers and and Jumbo Loans ( over $625,000) are now available at reasonable rates. Found a home you’re interested in? Anne Shearman will make the process seamless and simple for you.
Start by telling Anne your Favorite Town, Price Point and your Five Must Haves and she will work with you and the Team to bring the dream of owning a home in NJ to fruition!

Home Buying Process in New Jersey:

    • Consult with your Real Estate Agent
    • Buyer Apply for Pre-Approval of Mortgage
    • Consult with your Real Estate Agent
    • Buyer Agent presents Sales Contract to Sellers
    • Consult with your Real Estate Agent
    • Agree to Terms
    • Agent Sends Contract to both Attorneys for review
    • Negotiate any Contract Issues (Attorney to Attorney)
    • Conclude Attorney Review
    • Present 2nd Deposit
    • Agent Follow-up
    • Hire a professional Home Inspector
    • Set up Inspection with your Inspector and Agent  
    • Receive Inspection Report
    • Consult with your Real Estate Agent
    • Present any Major Issues to Buyer’s Attorney
    • Negotiate Major Issues
    • Conclude within 15 days of Inspection
    • Finalize Mortgage
    • Appraisal by Bank
    • Agent will coordinate Town Inspections
    • Agent will track Loan Approval
    • Agent will conduct Walk-thru and Attend the Closing
    • Your agent should be your personal consultant and advocate!
    • Congratulations! You have completed the tutorial and now Hire a Professional to Guide You.

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