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The interest rate for new buyers is at a historical low!
Good Inventory!
Jumbo Loans are now available at reasonable rates!

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Now all you need is a qualified agent to service you and walk you thru the process. I am here for you. Make an appointment….. call me, email me, text me. Whatever way you prefer, please make this your Number 1 priority today. Now is a great time to take your time and preview the inventory, from Essex County to Somerset County and all in between, I will connect you. Tell me your price point and your most important 5 Must Haves in your new home and I will do the research and preview the homes and send you a selection.


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Home Buying Process in Northern New Jersey:

o Consult with your Real Estate Agent

o Buyer Apply for Pre-Approval of Mortgage

o Consult with your Real Estate Agent

o Buyer Agent presents Sales Contract to Sellers

o Consult with your Real Estate Agent

o Agree to Terms

o Agent Sends Contract to both Attorneys for review

o Negotiate any Contract Issues (Attorney to Attorney)

o Conclude Attorney Review

o Present 2nd Deposit

o Agent Follow-up

o Hire a professional Home Inspector

o Set up Inspection with your Inspector and Agent

o Receive Inspection Report

o Consult with your Real Estate Agent

o Present any Major Issues to Buyer’s Attorney

o Negotiate Major Issues

o Conclude within 15 days of Inspection

o Finalize Mortgage

o Appraisal by Bank

o Agent will coordinate Town Inspections

o Agent will track Loan Approval

o Agent will conduct Walk-thru and Attend the Closing

o Your agent should be your personal consultant and advocate!

o Congratulations! You have completed the tutorial and now Hire a Professional to Guide You.