Anne Shearman will Exceed your Expectations and Deliver Service.

Home Selling Process in Northern New Jersey

Selling a home can be a stressful process, but with Anne’s guidance it can be less so.

1st Anne will share with the needs of the 21st Century Buyer and how to prepare yourself and your home for them. The following steps give you an overview of the service you should expect and the process of selling your home in NJ:

  • Consult with your Real Estate Agent
  • Buyer Apply for Pre-Approval of Mortgage
  • Consult with your Real Estate Agent
  • Buyer Agent presents Sales Contract to Sellers
  • Consult with your Real Estate Agent
  • Agree to Terms
  • Listing Agent Sends Contract to both Attorneys for review
  • Negotiate any Contract Issues (Attorney to Attorney)
  • Conclude Attorney Review
  • Buyer Presents 2nd Deposit
  • Listing Agent Follow-up
  • Buyer hires a professional Home Inspector
  • Buyer Agent arranges Inspection with Listing Agent
  • Receive Inspection Report
  • Consult with your Real Estate Agent
  • Present any Major Issues to Buyer’s Attorney
  • Negotiate Major Issues
  • Conclude within 15 days of Inspection
  • Listing Agent verifies the Buyer’s Mortgage Commitment
  • Appraisal by Bank ~ Listing Agent Accompanies
  • Listing Agent will coordinate Town Inspections
  • Listing Agent will track Loan Approval
  • Listing Agent will conduct Walk-thru and Attend the Closing
  • Interview Three Professional Agents
  • Your Listing Agent should be your personal consultant and advocate!



As a marketing specialist, Anne Shearman will ensure your home has professional presentation on 100+ websites, including professional photographs and virtual tours. Homes need to grab buyer’s attention, and to do this your home will be photographed room-by-room as well as the interior and exterior as well as full floor plans. In addition, your home will benefit from both private and public tours, all at your convenience.

What sets Anne’s selling style apart is her personal attention to detail. Anne will personally attend all meetings and signings. Anne’s priority is your Success, delivering you the Highest Price in the Shortest Market Time. Lead Router, an interactive system of auto responses, puts interested buyers directly in Anne’s hands by mobile or e-mail. If someone is interested in your home, Anne will know instantly.


With Anne Shearman your home will benefit from the following services:

  • Home Staging for Best Presentation 
  • Professional Photography 
  • 100+ Website Placements including: 
  • Professional Virtual Tour 
  • Exceptional Copy both Online & Print
  • Lead Router TM 
  • Customized Color Property Brochures 
  • AHS Buyer Home Warranty


In addition to her marketing and real estate experience, Anne Shearman will provide you with:

  • Feedback related to current market conditions
  • Feedback about your home
  • Pre-Approval of Buyers
  • Negotiation of all offers
  • Ensure home inspections, town permits, and financing are completed in a timely manner

Coordinates with attorneys to assure that the transaction progresses smoothly

Looking to sell? Contact Anne today: